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Please bear in mind that every feis is different, and stage schedules and stage estimates are never foolproof or 100% accurate at the end of the day. Please use this with caution, and use your best judgement on the accuracy of the results and the way the specific feis tends to run!


The stage calculator was originally created by Tom, a parent and the webmaster for the Peter Smith school. The calculator was originally hosted on the Peter Smith website, but after transitions in hosting, Tom hosted the website on his own personal site. Tom continued to update and maintain the stage calculator until the current maintainer contacted him regarding some updates that she had been playing around with. As Tom's dancers had retired, and having been contacted by an eager user, Tom decided to pass the torch.

As the current owner of the stage calculator, I just want to thank Tom for all of the work that he did and for giving me the opportunity to continue providing this service to the dance community!

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Version 3.1 - February 2018

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Version 3.0 - July 2017

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